Saturday, October 10, 2009

Longhorns Diaper Cake.. with a surprise! :-)

Today we are going to a Baby Shower for a couple from church.
Next month they will be adopting a baby boy to add to their family of 3.
The babies room is done up in the Longhorns Theme, so imagine
the look on my husbands face when I told him.
My husband happens to be a huge OU fan. :-)
Included in this cake is approx 50 size 2 Pampers,
a Onesie and a Longhorns Football.
OH.. but being that these are friends of ours..
My husband couldn't give in that easily..
So this is also included in it!! :-)

Can't wait until they open it!!! :-)
For the record, I believe the dads entire family
are OU fans as well!!
Looking for something for your little sports fan?
**disclaimer... I know the ribbon is a little crooked in the picture..
I fixed it after uploading these pics and didn't retake any. ***

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