Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pricing for the "cakes"...

This Towel Cake was made for a friends wedding. Included in this are 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 washcloths, a pillar candle, a ceramic cross, picture frame, and a scented Sachet.. Decorated with ribbons, flowers and wrapped in tulle.. This exact one would go for about $95. I do ship, and shipping for this via UPS would be $20. I could do a simple one with just flowers, ribbon and a candle for about $80.

This was a custom cake done for a friend, this cake included a custom made bib and personalized blanket, approx 70 size 2 Pampers, bottle of shampoo, 6pc travel set to toss in the diaper bag and the praying rabbit toy topper.. finished off with matching ribbon and flowers. This would go for $125. I am not certain I could duplicate this 100%, but do have access to someone that has a large variety of fabrics to choose from and could get close. This would require 2 wks to complete due to being all custom made. and would ship for $15 via UPS.

Below are my smaller more simple cakes.. They include approx 70 size 2 pampers and a topper. The one has booties on top, and the other is topped off with a cute pink and white bunny. They are finished off with matching ribbons and flowers. And on the bunny one I added a cute rhinestone cross that could be removed and kept for a necklace or charm bracelet. These go for $60 and would be $15 to ship.

These cakes are similar to whats above, they just include more goodies.. :-) They have approx 70 size 2 pampers, a bottle of shampoo, a 6 pc travel set to toss in the diaper bag. These include varying items.. blanket, receiving blanket, onesie, sleeper, hat, socks, bibs.. etc. Pacifiers, teething toys. I just look for whatever I can find in the theme being requested. These go for $95 and cost $15 to ship.

I can do something to meet almost any budget, and theme. Just contact me and I'll help create your special piece...
The diaper cakes are great for corporate gifts, several people can pitch in on one and give it to there coworker. They make great centerpieces for your shower your hosting. Can be brought to the hospital to congratulate a new mother, I can ship it directly to the recipients house along with card for you.
The Towel cakes can be done up a number of ways. I could do a small one with kitchen towels and dishcloths (some examples coming soon).. to give to a new neighbor, housewarming gifts, clients of yours as a thank you gift. The Towel cakes could be given as wedding gifts, bridal showers, new college student etc.. The possibilities are endless!!
Below I mentioned a giveaway.. Unfortunately I haven't had anyone participate in it. So I'll have to think of something else!!
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  1. Those cakes are the cutest I have ever seen! Great job.